Special Events

Our journalists work hard and they party hard. We’ll have a great line-up of special events where they can share drinks, brainstorm, get inspired, and dance the night away. Among the events we’re planning:

Gala Dinner

On Saturday: All participants are welcome to the main gala dinner on Saturday evening, November 18. Join us for a sumptuous meal, drinks, and some great entertainment arranged by our hosts at Wits Journalism. During the festivities, GIJN will also announce the extraordinary winners of the Global Shining Light Award. The Gala Dinner is included in the conference package, so don’t miss it.

Welcome Reception

On Wednesday (6pm to 8pm): Join us on the campus lawn Wednesday evening, as we greet our guests from around the world with an informal networking reception. We’ll have an open bar and snacks for everyone, some entertainment, and a warm welcome to the world’s most extraordinary journalists.

Carlos Cardoso Memorial Lecture

On Thursday: Wits Journalism will present the annual Carlos Cardoso Memorial Lecture on Thursday evening, featuring a prominent journalist focusing on media freedom. Come get inspired by those who have put their lives on the line to fight for free speech and an independent media. Details to be announced.

The Muckrakers

On Friday: If you’ve been to any of the five last GIJCs, chances are you’ve seen GIJN’s own band, The Muckrakers. Formed at a jam at the Lillehammer conference in 2008, the R&B group has gone on to play to packed crowds from around the world in Geneva, Kiev, and Rio, plus a rockin’ reunion at GIJC15 back in Lillehammer. The international band — featuring Ana Simonovska on vocals (Macedonia), Mark Hunter on guitar (France/US), Dave Kaplan on harmonica (US), Geir Aage Vollan on bass (Norway) and Freddy Schaal on drums (Norway) — will play Friday night at The Orbit, a classic jazz club (with room to dance). The Orbit finds its roots and spirit in a small Jazz Social Club established in the historic Johannesburg suburb of Troyeville in the early 2000’s.

More information about special events coming soon!