Tipsheets & Presentations

Henk the GreatHave a tipsheet or slides for your session at GIJC17? Email a digital copy to us here and we’ll post it. 

The resources are uploaded here according to the conference tracks: General Interest, Multimedia/Broadcast; Business & Finance; Nonprofits & New Models;  Safety & Security; Academic; and Data.

Looking for more tips and tools? Be sure to visit GIJN’s Resource Center.

General Interest Sessions

Session NameTipsheetsPresentationsStories/Videos
Best Global DatabasesGIJN Resource Center, by Toby McIntosh
Investigative Research Links, by Margot Williams
Video: Toby McIntosh, Margot Williams, Govind Ethiraj
Beyond Google: Doing Better SearchesSearching the Deep Web, by Giannina Segnini
Bulletproofing Your StoryPublication Quality Control, by Nils HansonVideo: Alex Papachristou, Lucy Freeman, Nils Hanson, Doreen Weisenhaus
Covering ConflictCovering Conflict in Syria, by Mokhtar Alibrahim
Cross-Border Collaborations: Regional ProjectsRegional Cross Border Collaboration, by Wahyu Dhyatmika
How do we investigate #LavaJato?, by Milagros Salazar
Cross Border As A Tool to Expose Kleptocrats + Presentation, by Evelyn Groenink
Digging into Development IssuesHow We Did the Data-Driven Enslaved Land Investigation, by Raúl Sánchez GonzálezVideo: Maren Saebo, Raúl Sánchez González, Oluwatoyosi Ogunseye, Mark Schapiro
Digging into Extractive IndustriesHow We Connect Illegal Mining in Amazon with the Biggest Gold Traders in the World, by Fabiola Torres
Disaster ReportingCovering Disasters, by Amantha Pererra
Drones, Sensors & SatellitesTips on Drone Journalism, by Raffy TimaReal Time AQI Monitoring Initiative by Indiaspend, by Govind Ethiraj
Macroscope Media: Ending Secrecy on Earth with Light from Space, by Jeff Stein
Exposing Government Deception, by Joel Konopo
Drones in Marawi, by Raffy Tima
Story: English, Russian
Video: Govind Ethiraj
Editing the Investigative StoryLoopholes Editors Must Avoid, by Musikilu MojeedEditing the Investigative Story, by Mark Schoofs
Environmental Crime & Wildlife SmugglingWildlife Crime Reporting, by Bryan ChristyUndercover Footage Negotiating An Illegal Timber Export with A Shipping Agent, by Estacio ValoiStory: English
Video: Fiona Macleod, Bryan Christy, John Grobler, Estacio Valoi
Essentials of Story-Based InquiryUsing Story-Based Inquiry to Focus, Manage & Build, by Mark Lee Hunter
Exposing Criminal Justice WrongsWits Justice Project, by Carolyn Raphaely
Exposing Human Trafficking and Forced LaborHuman Trafficking and Slavery: A Guide to Resource Materials, by GIJNReferences & Desk Research Links + Presentation, by Tim SandlerStory: English, Spanish
Fact-Checking: Best PracticesFact-checking & lessons learned, by Laura Zommer
Fighting Fake NewsSummary of Potential Strategies to Fight Fake News, by Session PanelistsVerification Guide by SSE Riga, by Arta Giga
Kenya's Information Disaster: Borrowing from 'Best Practices'?, by Lee Mwiti Mugambi
Post Truth: Fake News & The Search for Solutions, by Anya Schiffrin
Story: English
Fixers & Foreign CorrespondentsReport: "Fixing” the Journalist-Fixer Relationship: A Critical Look Towards Developing Best Practices in Global Reporting, by Dr. Shayna Plaut and Peter KleinStory: English
How Other Investigators Do It10 Tips On Investigative Reporting's Most Powerful Move: Contacting Formers, by James MintzField research at HRW - Our methodology: investigate, expose & change, by Dewa MavhingaVideo: Vivienne Walt, Joe Davidson, Dewa Mavhinga, James Mintz
Innovations in StorytellingStory: English
Video: Reg Chua, Susanne Reber, Juliana Ruhfus, David Schraven
Internet Manhunt: Backgrounding & Tracking People OnlineStory: English, German, Russian
Investigating Climate ChangeInvestigating Climate Change, by Amantha Pererra
Investigating Health -- Digging into Local ProblemsNigeria's Baby Farmers, by Rosemary Nwaebuni
Get Me Out of Here! The Surgeon is A Robot, by Isabelle Ducret
Investigating Health -- Global IssuesTips & Resources, by Naziha Syed Ali
Investigating & Mapping Health Affairs, by Serena Tinari
Organ Trafficking, by Naziha Syed Ali
Investigating LGBTQ IssuesLGBTQ Resources, by GIJNAn Overview Using Data, by Brant Houston & Jennifer LeFleur
LGBTQI + SSOGIE Source Development, by Brian Pellot
Investigative Reporting: The Fundamentals, Mark Schoofs
Documenting LGBTQI Hate Crimes & Discrimination, by Jabu Pereira
Story: English, Russian
Investigative Journalism in AfricaTips for Rising Above Challenges, by Mwape KumwendaStory: German
Video: Paula Fray, Catherine Gicheru, Mwape Kumwenda, George Lugalambi, Dapo Olorunyomi, Sam Sole
Journalists as DetectivesStory: English
Latest Investigative Tools OnlineStory: Arabic
Lightning Round: Great Stories You've Never Heard OfWhen Sewol Ferry Collapsed, Sungsoo Kim
Rising Cases of Maternal Deaths in Nigeria, by Rosemary Nwaebuni
Mafias, Mobs and CartelsStory: English, Russian, Arabic
Roundtable: Reporting Under Repressive RegimesMedia in Ethiopia after the 2005 Controversial Election, by Andualem Sisay GessesseStory: English
Video: Keith Richburg, Andualem Sisay Gessesse, Emin Huseynov & Lawi Weng
State Capture in South AfricaStory: French
Video: Cathy Mohlahlana, Adriaan Basson, Susan Comrie, Thanduxulo Jika, Jacques Pauw
The Art of InterviewingThe Art of Interviewing, by Mark SchoofsVideo: Ides Debruyne, Mark Schoofs, Cheryl W. Thomspon
Terrorism & ExtremismCovering Boko Haram Insurgency: Personal Experience, by Aminu Abubakar#ISISfiles, by Axel Gordh Humlesjö Video: Vivienne Walt, Aminu Abubakar, Mohamed Ali, Axel Gordh Humlesjö
The Future of Investigative Journalism (Roundtable)Story: English
Video: Sheila Coronel, Stephen King, Oluwatoyosi Ogunseye, Maria Teresa Ronderos, Gerard Ryle, Drew Sullivam
Tracking Looted WealthHow to Hide Dirty Money & How to Trace It, by James MintzTracking Looted Wealth, by Tom Burgis
Tracking Looted Wealth, by Miranda Patrucic
Story: English, German
Video: Thandeka Gqubule-Mbeki, Tom Burgis, Koami M. Elom Domegni, James Mintz, Miranda Patrucic
Using FOI/RTI Laws Around the WorldJournalism Through RTI, by Shyamlal Yadav
Visual Forensics and Open Source InvestigationsOpen Source Investigative Tools, by Malachy Browne
What Washington is Doing In Your Country (workshop)Public Data, by Martha MendozaStory: Spanish
Women and Investigative JournalismStory: English
Workshop: Psychological Safety for Investigative ReportingStory: English

Data Sessions

Advanced Data Cleaning with Open RefineOpen Refine, by Tommy Kaas & Nils Mulvad
An Overview of PythonCheat Sheet: Basic Python Coding for Journalists, by Tommy Kaas
Basics of MappingIntro to Desktop Mapping, by Jennifer LaFleur & Andrew Lehren
Basics of Web, by Tommy Kaas & Nils Mulvad
Is Web Scraping An Ethical Practice?, by Pinar Dag
Building Your Own DatabaseBuilding A Database, by Brant Houston
Collaborating on Data-Driven StoriesTipsheet for Data-Driven Stories and Projects, by Jeff Kelly Lowenstein
Collaboration Tools & Smart Use of Google, by Nils Mulvad
Connecting the Dots: Social Network AnalysisSocial Network Analysis, by Brant Houston
Data Journalism in Small NewsroomsThink Small, Big, Interactive & Collaborative, by Jeff Kelly Lowenstein
How to create data journalism projects in small newsrooms with limited budget, by Pinar Dag
How to Get Your Newsroom Excited About Data, by Nana Boakye-Yiadom
Essential (and Free) Data Tools Denise Malan
Doing Data Journalism in Small Newsrooms, by Jeff Kelly Lowenstein
Story: English, German
Data Stories: Elections, Education, ShippingTelling Election Stories with Data, by Izak MinnaarNumbers in Education, by Khalid Khattak
Data Visualization with D3 & Other ToolsData Pipeline, Case Studies & Tools, by Kavya Sukumar & Tegan Bedser
Descriptive StatisticsDescriptive Statistics in Excel + & sample data, by Jennifer LaFleur
Digital Gadgets for Tracking and MonitoringGadgets for Investigative Reporting, by Marcus Lindemann
Finding African DataFinding African Data, by Nana Boakye-Yiadom
Frontiers in Data VisualizationFrontiers in Data Visualization, by Lena Groeger & Jane PongStory: English, Russian
Getting A Data State of MindStory: English
How to Mine Data for StorytellingMethodology: Mining Data for Storytelling, by Lailah Ryklief
ICIJ Offshore Data HackathonStory: English, French, Spanish, Arabic
Lightning Round: Teaching Data Journalism -- Best PracticesTips & Experience Sharing in Teaching Data Journalism, by Pinar Dag
Keep it Real, Keep it Dirty, by Andrew Lehren
Overview of Teaching Data Journalism, by Brant Houston
Tips for Data Journalism Training, by Lailah Ryklief
On A DDJ Trainer's Mental Health, by Crina Boros
Is Data the New Oil?, by Khalid Khattak
Teaching Students through Their Stomachs, by Jeff Kelly Lowenstein
The Most Fun Data in The World, by Denise Malan
7 Key Things, by Margot Williams
Wash, Rinse, Repeat, by Jennifer LaFleur
Online Fact-Checking/Verification with Free ToolsTools, Useful Links & Resources, by Raymond JosephHow to Be A Digital Detective, by Raymond Joseph
Preparing Data for Mapping in CartoOnline Map Visualisations for Storytelling, by Julia Renouprez
Social Media Sleuthing: Finding & Monitoring Key SourcesSocial Media Sleuthing, by Michael Salzwedel
Using Document CloudInvestigate with Document Cloud, Doug Haddix
The Data Tool KitData Tools, by Sanjit Oberai

Multimedia/Broadcast Sessions

DocumentariesInvestigative Documentary Business Model: 10 Tips to Make Your Way, by Jean-Philippe CeppiStory: Spanish
Investigative RadioInvestigative Radio, by Citra PrastutiStory: English, Russian, French
Masterclass: Investigative RadioMasterclass: Investigative Radio, by Sandra Bartlett & Citra Prastuti
Masterclass: Mojo WorkshopGuerilla Mojo 101, by Ivo Burum
Multimedia InvestigationsMultimedia Investigations in 3 Lessons, by David Hidalgo
Virtual Reality Meets Investigative ReportingVR exploration on media innovation in China, Qiu JiaqiuStory: English

Business & Finance Sessions

Covering CorruptionBusiness of Members of Parliament, by Musab Shawabkeh
Covering Corruption in Serbia, by Dino Jahic
Connecting the Dots in A Political Corruption Scandal, by Boyoung Lim
How to Read Company AccountsUnderstanding Financial Records, by Miranda Patrucic
Investigating the Arms TradeInvestigating International Arms Trade, by Manu PubbyHow to Expose the Secretive World of Arms Trade with Open Data, by Lawrence Marzouk & Jelena Cosic
Lotteries, Launderers, & Illicit ActsTipsheet for Gaming the Lottery Investigation, by Jeff Kelly LowensteinIllicit Financing
Seven Financial Sins7 Deadly Financial Sins, Drew SullivanStory: English

Safety & Security Sessions

Dealing with Online HarassmentTwitter Safety, by Nick PicklesStory: English
Encryption (Workshop)Tools for Encryption, by Fredrik Laurin, Serena Tinari & Axel Humlesjö
How to Protect Yourself and Your SourcesDIY Digital Security, by Chris Walker
Whistleblowing, Secure Drops, and Source ProtectionStory: English

Academic Sessions

Creating Effective University Investigative Journalism CentersUniversity As An "Incubator" for Investigative Journalism powerpoint and the full presentation speech, by Waseda ChronicleStory: English
Academic Papers: Social Media, Video Storytelling, Capacity BuildingRaking Muck and Raising Funds – Capacity Development Strategies for the Future of Investigative Journalism in Developing Countries + Research Paper, by Jan Lublinski, Nadine Jurrat, Attila Mong
Investigative Journalism in Sri Lanka: A Study on the Process and Effectiveness of Investigative Video Storytelling, by MC Rasmin, S. Raguram, M. Azad
The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same: The Impacts of Social Media and Digital Technology on Journalism Quality in South African Newsrooms, by Sarah Findlay
Graph My Tender: Exploring Public Procurement Networks, by Adriana Homolova
Story: English
Investigative Journalism in Mauritius, Saudi Arabia, TanzaniaChallenges of Doing Investigative Journalism in Tanzania, by George Nsorani Mwita
Challenges Confronting Investigative Journalism in Saudi Arabia, by Ali Almania
Investigative journalism in the post-truth era: Views from Mauritius, by Azhagan Chenganna
Story: English
Lightning Round: Teaching Data Journalism -- Best PracticesKhalid Khattak,
Pinar Dag,
Jeff Kelly Lowenstein,
Andy Lehren,
Denise Malan,
Brant Houston,
Lailah Ryklief,
Margot Williams,
Crina Boros,
Jennifer LaFluer
Story: English
Scholars, Doctors, Journalists -- Collaboration Across FieldsA Program That Turns Doctors into Muckrakers, by Robert SteinerStory: English
Teaching Investigative Journalism -- Best PracticesTeaching Investigative Journalism, by Ying Chan
Building IJ Programs: Learning from the SBI Curriculum, by Mark Lee Hunter
Story: English
Teaching Methodology in Data & Investigative JournalismNews Bot for the Newsroom: How Building Data Quality Indicators can support journalistic projects relying on real-time open data, by Laurence Dierickx
A Successful Method of Teaching Top-Notch Investigative Journalism, by Parra Paulette Desormeaux
Data-driven journalism: Visualizing the lie versus revealing the truth, by Milagros Salazar
The Vast and the Curious: Teaching Investigative Journalism in a Diverse Dubai, by Yasmine Bahrani & Bradley Freeman
Story: English, Arabic

Nonprofits & New Models

Funding Your InvestigationVideo: Reg Chua, Brigitte Alfter, Bridget Gallagher, Ernest Sungura
Measuring Story ImpactInvestigative Impact: How to Define It and How to Measure It + Investigative Impact Report, by Peter Cary
Stories that Matter, by Rachel Oldroyd
Story: English
Startups and InnovationsVideo: Reg Chua, Justin Arenstein, Monia Ben Hamadi, Kassim Mohamed, Rachel Oldroyd
Sustainability Workshop -- Part 2: Best PracticesOmidyar Network, Nishant LalwaniStory: English
Roundtable: Donors, Grants, & JournalistsStory: Russian

Special Events

Plenary: Investigating the New AutocratsVenezuela, by Ewald ScharfenbergStory: English, Russian, Arabic
Video: Ferial Haffajee, Roman Anin, Patricia Evangelista, Thanduxolo Jika, David Cay Johnston, Ritu Sarin, Ewald Scharfenberg
African Muckraking Book ReleaseStory: English
"Don't Shoot the Messenger" - Carlos Cardoso Memorial LectureStory: English
Video: Beatrice Mtetwa, Anton Harber
Keynote Address/Awards NightKeynote Story: English, Russian
Shining Light Award Story: English, Russian
Video: Joseph Stiglitz, Sheila Coronel
Farewell & GIJC19 AnnouncementStory: English
Video: David Kaplan, Anton Harber
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