Global Investigative Journalism Conference Set for November 2017

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Be sure to join us for the seminal event in investigative reporting for 2017 — the Global Investigative Journalism Conference. The date is now set for November 16-19 in Johannesburg, South Africa.

gijc17-2You don’t want to miss this one — it will be the GIJC’s 10th anniversary and our first time in Africa. There will be over 100 sessions, all targeted at working journalists determined to dig beneath the surface. We’ve got stronger networks and better tech than ever before, plus the top journalism trainers in the biz. Come learn state-of-the-art data analysis and online digging, how to track dirty money across borders, and how to fund your investigations. More coming soon!

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2 thoughts on “Global Investigative Journalism Conference Set for November 2017

  1. With the increasing number of corruption there must be increase number of Journalist who can able to do investigative reporting to reduce the corruption. For this purpose their must be more experienced and trained Journalist who can report with facts, data and accurate. Therefore it will be great opportunities if I happen to get this opportunities to enhance my capabilities.

  2. With the proliferation of the social media,most journalist now fall prey to propagating fake or false information,the situation is very critical in my country Cameroon,particularly with the recent crisis plaguing the two anglophone regions of the country and even the acts of terrorism being peppetrated by the boko haram sect.Getting an opportunity of ehancing my capacity by attending the Johannesburg fellow will give me an opportunity to share my experiences with my fellow colleagues across the nation.

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