5 thoughts on “What We’re Planning: +120 Conference Sessions

  1. 120+ Submissions. 1.Illegal flow of Bitcoins. 2.Terrorists financing and funding by shell corporations & tracking their Cells. 3.Virtual data helping Newsgroup in Artificial Intelligence [AI] in the data-dump.

  2. Le programme est très alléchant. Recevez mes admirations, dans l’espoir d’être des vôtres à cette conférence de haute portée professionnelle.

  3. The program is very tempting. Receive my admirations, to be one of you at this conference of high professional reach

  4. Many thanks for the information on the 120+sessions.
    I am very optimistic about my confirmation for the conference.
    I am also impress about the list of sessions and want to use this time to appreciate the team for job well done in advance.

  5. Gracias por este enorme programa y por su trabajo. Es muy impresionante. Sé que en México hay mucha gente interesada en asistir. Saludos.

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