#GIJC17 Sold Out!

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Due to overwhelming response, the Global Investigative Journalism Conference has been sold out. We’re sorry we can’t accommodate everyone who would like to attend, but with 1100 participants, we’ve now reached the capacity of our host facilities.

As there may be cancellations, we encourage those still interested to get on the waiting list through our registration page. Thanks for everyone’s interest!

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2 thoughts on “#GIJC17 Sold Out!

  1. Dear Organizers,
    I am very happy to know that The Global Investigative Journalism Conference (GIJC) is being sold out… It would be better if you could post latest selected Participant for reference to those who were not being selected….

    Thank you

  2. Dear Karma,

    As noted in our newsletters and announcements, if you haven’t received an email about being a fellow, then unfortunately you were not selected. The competition was keen, with more than 1300 applicants, so we’re sorry we could not accommodate everyone. There will be another global conference in two years, and the African Investigative Journalism Conference is held annually, so we encourage you to try again. Wishing you the best…

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